Thursday, January 21, 2016

This domain might be for sale

Since I'm not blogging much lately, I'm just starting to look into the possibility of selling and moving this enterprise over to one of my other domains. Just an idea...

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Start It Up Ep11: Two Media Mavens Show How Social Media Can Jumpstart Your Business

[From 2015jan23]

When Ashley Danford founded Whiskey Women, she needed to get the word out without breaking the bank on expensive marketing. Because she had a background in social media, Ashley understood how to harness the power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a host of other platforms. Today Whiskey Women is growing and has partnerships with major distillers like Diageo.

Writing has always come naturally to Meghan O'Dea. This talent helps her add value to clients who rely on her to drive their marketing messaging on social media. As a consultant, Meghan not only promotes clients' businesses, but she helps them avoid making the costly mistakes that many newcomers to social media make.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Kitchen Intuition: Dietary guidelines (and tomato sauce)

Along with the new year, Americans got a list of our government’s new dietary guidelines (which happens every five years). It’s a long read, but fortunately, it is a document that’s geared more toward the professionals who advise us about our diets and develop food policies and programs, so we’re not expected to wade through it all. And there is a summary that gets to the gist of things pretty quickly: eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy, protein and oils while limiting saturated and trans fats, added sugar and sodium. And move around more than you do now (the government also issues physical activity guidelines).

I don’t think there is any breaking news there. The articulated limit on sugar is new, but we’ve all known we should be easing back on that already. The guidelines also remind us that we should be careful when it comes to our consumption of sodium and certain kinds of fats. Again, this is not something that we didn’t already know. So then why are we still struggling with these perennial dietary problems?

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Kitchen Intuition: Winter reading (and viewing)

Last week, when I wrote about commonsense detoxing, I linked to Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules” as it’s a good guide to setting food goals. It’s a very quick read, with 64 simple, concise suggestions for anyone trying to set personal policies about food that might make the many eating decisions we face every day less complicated. For example, maybe it would be a lot easier to pass on a donut at work because of your policy against certain snacks if you know you’ll get to have a homemade brownie later (“39. Eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself.”).

Much of “Food Rules” is drawn from Pollan’s earlier book, “In Defense of Food,” which is a lengthier justification for making thoughtful choices about food, without getting too bogged down by details. In it, Pollan argues that food cannot be reduced to its nutritional components without losing something in the process—that even while we learn more about the qualities that make food healthy, there is still much that we have yet to discover. While research continues and we are faced with the battle for a place in our shopping carts between nature and processed food, he suggests that the safe course is to trust what has been serving humans for millennia: eating real food.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Kitchen Intuition: 6 commonsense detox tips

Happy New Year! The way the holidays fell on Fridays this year was quite a treat, giving us back-to-back long weekends. And now it is wonderful having this two-day buffer between New Year’s Day and Monday morning. Whether you’re still nursing a hangover or ramping up the obligatory seasonal resolve, surely more than a few people out there this weekend are thinking about some form of detoxing.

The word "detox" can mean a lot of things, depending on whom you ask (if you ask Google, you’ll get 64 million results), and companies seeking to capitalize on our confusion about the merits of detoxing have flooded the marketplace with all sorts of products, from juicers and supplements to diet books and clinics. Unfortunately, though, there is little evidence to support the claims of the industry.

The good news is that there’s plenty you can do in the new year to feel better and improve your health, and if you ignore the marketers, you can probably even save some money.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Kitchen Intuition: Lo mein

Today is the first day of what I like to call "nebulous week"—the days between Christmas and New Year’s that can be marvelously formless and unscripted. We’ve jumped through the holiday hoops, and now our time might once again be our own to do with as we please. In some ways, I feel like this week is the best gift of the holiday season—an offering from the calendar, giving us an occasion when we might get reacquainted with ourselves; a chance to ponder, plan and play.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Kitchen Intuition: Holiday treats

With less than a week to go until Christmas, I thought I’d share a few of my family’s favorite holiday treats. Some have stood the test of time and others are recent additions, but all have proven to be worth repeating.