Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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Regarding Sarah Palin, the Young Earth Creationist herself... well, first check out comment #5 in this discussion. Arrrrgh! Don't you just hate it when people contaminate their minds with knowledge? Gah! Anyone who doesn't think the Palin/McCain administration would be a repeat of the Bush disaster need look no further than that for evidence to the contrary -- let me say this again, people: knowledge and intelligence are good things! You wouldn't hire a plumber who knows nothing about pipes, and you certainly want your surgeon to be well-educated in human anatomy -- why in the hell are you willing to accept willfully ignorant and blissfully oblivious people at the helm of our country? Please, if you follow no other links in this post, at least read this one.

So, anyway, back to Sarah (who had a really big idea this week!), poor Sarah... she can't decide if she's going to play the role of Dick Cheney or George Bush, but would be good at playing either one: she may very well have lied to a judge, and she keeps lying even after she's called on her BS.

And poor John McCain (check out his 83 lobbyists! -- who may be running Alaska right now!)... he is so confused and has no idea what to do about the economy. And doesn't know where Spain is. And he's confused by the branches of the military. And he's confused about presidential powers. And to make things worse, even his own staff is confused about who is at the top of the Republican ticket. And speaking of who is going to serve as president if this ticket wins, how is McCain's health, anyway (really -- this is a serious issue and it's gotten really, really scary)? He'll be preparing for the debate on Friday by taking a nap.

And then there's health care. John McCain's plan for America's health care is to do to the health care industry what he and his cronies have done for banking. (Oh, yeah -- and he wants to do it to Social Security as well!)

And speaking of banking, remember the Keating Five? It's ba-ack! Also, Conservatism is a failure and its former proponents making like rats off a sinking ship. Time for an October Surprise?

And let's not ignore the fact that this morning was given over to the hearings in Congress regarding the collapse of our economy (here's a guide to understanding how we got into this mess). There seem to be a couple of things everyone agrees on: the people who brought us to this moment in our history shouldn't be rewarded; and putting one guy with no oversight in charge of bailing out the people who created this crisis is a bit twisted. Main Street has been paying the price for Wall Street's excesses for a while now. It's time for Wall Street to chip in as well. And it would be nice if the people charged with getting us out of this mess weren't the same people who got us into it. The era of corporate welfare is over. Other people weigh in here.

(In related news, I've got a bunch of worthless old crap in my basement -- can I get the government to buy that, too?)

And finally, how's this for a nightmare scenario? Also, there's going to be a Grateful Dead/Allman Brothers/RatDog/Other Ones/Phil and Friends thing to raise money for the Obama campaign.


Brad said...

One to add to your list:


If the evangelicals ever opened their eyes long enough to realize just how rotten to the core the drivers of their party are we'd see a landslide. I knew they were low but this is pretty bad. Ah the legacy of Reagan they cling to so dearly...

Beep Beep said...

I am so sick of the brainwashed ones falling for the same con job over and over again. McCain wants to tax employer-provided health care benefits. Palin didn't even balance her little budget. We are in dangerous uncharted economic waters and I can't see why anyone would vote for the Ignorant and Proud of It ticket now. Sheesh! What will it take? Deprogramming the entire nation?

My current feelings re the bailout: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/9/23/133937/185/539/607637

Beep Beep said...

P.S. These links are wonderful! Clicked on and read them ALL :)