Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Food Photo

OK, so since my gushing post on Tuesday, I've done some cooking but I've run upon a problem. I cook in the evenings. In winter. It's dark out, and the lighting in my kitchen isn't up to taking decent photos of the food. This has been a problem for quite some time, but I'm finally resolved to do something about it. I'm going to try and step up the food photography a bit.

To that end, I dug around a bit yesterday and found my old tripod. It's so frustrating to snap a series of images that you think are good, only to find out later, at the computer, that there was some slight movement that spoiled the pictures with a bit of a blur.

I've also come up with a plan to improve the lighting in the kitchen, but haven't made it out to the hardware store yet, so that will have to wait just a bit. But in the meantime, we had some lovely weather yesterday and I took advantage of the sun pouring through the window to set up a shot of some radish leaf pesto I mixed up after finding some fresh (Tant Hill Farm) radishes at the market on Wednesday.

(Yes, I've posted about this pesto once before, but I think this is a better photo. Besides, this is some of the most awesome pesto ever, so let this serve as a nudge to try some if you haven't already.)


fletch said...

very nice composition and exposure. I don't like radishes but this image wants me to try a bite. Speaking of bites, I think an interesting variation on this image is to actually take a bite out the slice with the pesto and put it back just as it is, and take a pic. O well it's Friday night when such thoughts occur to me, after a few drinks.

alice said...

I don't like the radishes near as much as their leaves. They do ok in a salad or as pictured above, as a vehicle for the pesto.

I like your idea about the bite mark. It would remind people that this isn't just pretty food. This is really good eats.