Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kitchen Intuition: Quick pepper relish

One great problem to have at this time of year is to be overrun with peppers. The last time I picked up my farm share at the market, it was overflowing with them. There were sweet peppers, bell peppers, poblanos, habaneros, jalapeƱos, banana peppers and probably a few I didn’t recognize. Add to that the peppers that have been coming in from generous neighbors as they’ve been harvesting their own abundant crops, and I ended up with a whole lot of different kinds of peppers this past week.

What to do with them all? The August issue of Get Out Chattanooga features a great recipe for stuffed peppers that also takes advantage of the late summer’s wonderful cherry tomatoes and basil. The author says the dish is just a 10-minute prep, with 30 minutes of largely unattended cooking.
If you’ve got more than a few peppers, though, it’s probably time for pepper relish. That’s where I found myself this past week. After just a bit of prep, the peppers are gone, and I’m very well-stocked with some of the best pepper relish I’ve ever tasted.

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