Monday, January 5, 2015

Myth, Magic, and Millennials: Why Our Generation Is Moon Crazed and Witch Obsessed

Have you noticed how millennials are really into witches right now? Or why everyone is a lunatic for all things moon related, from moon-phase motifs on fashion and decor to all those Pinterest boards with the line “love you to the moon and back?” Curious why crystals are the new “put a bird on it?’ I think I’ve got this one figured out. My generation came of age in the 90s and early aughts, which in addition to sunflower prints, butterfly hair clips, and Rory Gilmore sweaters were a time when crystals, candles, and pentagrams were surprisingly well-integrated into even supposedly basic lives. From Felicity’s pleather-clad Wiccan roommate to Rayanne Graff’s mom loaning Angela those tarot cards, the 90s closed and the new Millennium began in a flurry of astrological charts and Ryder Waite decks.

But we’re not alone in sipping from the love potion that has millennials swooning over spells and stars and pointy black boots. The witchy spell that has us all newly aflutter over Stevie Nicks comes around every so often, much like Mercury going into Retrograde or a blood moon or a solar eclipse. It’s rooted not only in the pop culture we grew up on, or at least were immersed in even if we weren’t consciously drinking it all in, but also has a lot to do with what our parents were interested in at our age. You see, New Age coming of ages seem to be a tale as old as time. Every twenty years a new Age of Aquarius dawns, and a new generation gets down with its rising signs and quartz clusters.

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