Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kitchen Intuition: Chicken soup

I’ve been sick with a cold this week, complete with a stuffy nose, scratchy throat and general feeling of affliction. And it is at just such an occasion that I’m grateful for soup, because it really does make a body feel better (especially if I’m the body that’s mixing up the magic potion).

Chicken soup has been conferred with medicinal properties probably for almost as long as humans have been making it. Recent research shows that the curative powers of chicken soup go beyond mythology; chicken soup can indeed ease symptoms of the upper respiratory ailments. Further, I think the benefits of the soup are heightened by the act of preparing it. Slicing and chopping onions, normally an experience that is irritating to the eyes, can help break up congestion. And standing over a steaming pot of broth as it simmers is warming, comforting and decongesting.

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