Monday, September 15, 2008

Quote of the Day

Lehman Brothers. Merrill Lynch. AIG.

The Dow dropped over 500 points today -- the largest one-day drop since the market reopened after the 9/11 attack seven years ago.

And here's what John McCain had to say:
The "fundamentals of our economy are strong."
It brings to mind the words of a US president back on October 29, 1929:
The fundamental business of the country… is on a sound and prosperous basis.
America's robber barons are once again ruining America's economy, and John McCain -- in his $500 shoes, unmindful of how many homes he owns, after 26 years governing from Congress (if he really had any intention of doing anything to help this economy -- or if he "got" the economy -- why didn't he do it in all his years as chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee?!?) -- is asking us for four more years. That's if he's got four years left in him. (If not, we'll be ‹‹shudder›› stuck with Sarah Palin.)

I'm thinking our answer should be "no."

Even Greenspan thinks McCain isn't up to the job.

Even McCain's chief economic adviser says McCain will have to raise taxes.

And even turdblossom himself, Karl Rove, thinks that McCain is a liar.

And the McCain campaign apparently still thinks America is a bunch of whiners.

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paige said...

apparently mccain's Backpedal of the Day was to claim that by "fundamentals," he meant America's workers and small business people. you know, the ones who are whining about the economy.