Monday, October 31, 2011

My sister is a babe. ;)

I've got a whole big bunch of awesome vintage photos to share. There's a backlog for two reasons (beyond the fact that I did a big clump of scanning lately): first, my sister was an adorable baby; and second, my parents were really good photographers. So here's a set of photos of my big sister (plus, the last one can count as my big brother's debut).  ♥

I picked all of these because they are beautiful photos, whether or not you know the people in them. In this first one, you can barely make out my sister, standing on a path under a canopy of trees (the setting, I think, is Louisiana, though I'm not sure what was the occasion for their visit).

Even though she is not perched upon a wheelbarrow, this photo still makes me think of William Carlos Williams. I love my sister's chubby, dirty feet (and the elbow dimple!). I believe this picture and the one following were probably snapped at my grandparents' house in western Tennessee.

The lighting is beautiful here, and the little hair sprig is precious.

This was definitely set behind the home of my other grandparents, in western New York. My sister and our cousin, who was three months older, in a gorgeous wagon.

My sister and my mother are the only ones in the family with blue eyes. Here, my sister owns them.

One of the things I love about the 50s is that people still dressed up. Here's my father in a suit, even though he was just enjoying a day at Letchworth State Park.

Another shot of my sister and trees, this time at Letchworth.

Another classic from the era -- a time when you might actually see a horse in a residential area. The guy in the middle is our cousin and the horse was his. He was taking my sister and a neighbor kid for a ride.

Another horse, only this one lived in a barn behind my parent's house. I love how my sister is oblivious to the beasts behind her, and they are unconcerned with her. That snowsuit she's wearing is iconic. Every kid in my family wore it, and then it was passed along to Emmie and on to some of her cousins!

Oh, and again with the beautiful lighting. Up on tippy-toes, to pat her new little brother on the back. More to come...  ;)


Keera Ann Fox said...

Talk about by-gone era! Agreed re lighting. Also, the faded colors add their own interest. And, red snowsuit and black horses is a great color combo!

alice said...

There's a magical quality to all of them. Innocent, simple, energetic...