Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Whiskey Resolutions

January thinks it’s hot stuff with all its resolutions and determined energy, but I think February is a way better month for rebooting your life. After all, you’ve had a minute to get used to how the new year feels, to get a sense for the vibes, to really mellow after all the craziness of the holidays. You’ve got a better sense of what you want and need in the next twelve months. Plus what else are you going to do while it’s cold and rainy and that groundhog is convincing you that you’ll never see sunshine or warmth again? Resolutions are the perfect way to kick the last of winter’s ass so that you’ll be ready to hit the ground running into your new normal as soon as spring is here.
My dear friend Hannah Messinger of the blog Nothing But Delicious declared that she has but two resolutions for 2015: drink more whiskey, eat less kettle corn. I love her approach to resolutions. Simple, easy to stick to, and, true to her blog title, full of delicious. It got me thinking about what my whiskey resolutions are this year. Not just resolutions involving actual whiskey, but those in the spirit of the drink. Here’s the ten I intend to live by:

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